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About RPG Maker Community

RPG Maker Community, as the name speaks itself, we're a community of game designers and developers. You are looking at a new kind of web community, offering free & high quality graphics, audio, games and assistance. Members are free to ask about help related to scripting, from basic Ruby to advanced RGSS2. RPG Maker Community is a community ran by a long range of contributors that are desired and very much inspired to share their knowledge and talents with the whole web field. Our staff is a very special team gathered with game design experts, very carefully selected by the administrators of the community. We can promise to provide the best help and assistance available, free of charge; and you are not (as a Member) required to be an expert in anything. However, you are only really required to follow the rules of the community in posting.

RPG Maker Community is established to share our knowledge, picking up those that we have left out in the process. The Community began with many hopes and today, we have reached a brand new website with fantastic members. It is a game-design community, where we can discuss hot topics, compete in contests and show our projects and talents to everyone.

Coding Scripts, Support & Tutorials We offer a wide range of Ruby and RGSS2 tutorials and coding support to all our members. Feel free to ask questions about those languages and our members would help you. If you are also good in these languages, you may also submit tutorials and share your knowledge.

Resource Design & Showcase Apart from that, we also have a Resource section, which provides free Graphics and Audio. You may also request any of your desired graphics or audio material requests at will and our GFX team's would look into your request.

Contests & Prizes Keep an eye out for our competitions and contests, in which we offer glamorous & fantastic prizes for the winners. For further information you may consult the contest host about the competition held.

Moderators We have a variety of Staff whom all have different tasks, namely Moderators, Graphic Designers, Coding Designers and Contest Hosts. Moderators play their role by controlling and carefully viewing the activities in the community, ensuring that every member follows the simple rules and avoids conflict between other members. Coding Designers offer their service by giving you their best in coding skills. Graphic Designers are the ones who attend to any of your graphic requests and will always give you constructive comments towards your artwork. We also have our friendly and fun Contest hosts who organize competitions for everyone so they can sharpen their skills through friendly matches against other members.
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