Why did you create RPG Maker Community?
Posted by Cobus on 25 July, 2011
Well, it isn't hard to say why. The members are great, the forum is great, so what more could you ask for? This is and is going to be a great RPG Maker Community, and that is why I created this in the first place.

RPG Maker Community is amazing!
Posted by Xiie on 26 July, 2011
This place is very well formatted! I like the current layout and it pleasures my eyes alot. The site doesn't have many too much of members but soon, I'm sure in my mind that this place will grow really big. The current administration is very nice! (Cobus as of now) This is like, the most unique forum theme I've seen out there. Even though it is not done yet, it looks great. The affiliate box stunned me also, because of the effects, perhaps? I look forward to see more amazing stuff here! :)

RPG Maker Community Forums
Posted by moneymenace on 26 July, 2011
I like the style and the format of the website. The buttons and pictures are an absolute eyesight. :) But to tell you the truth, this place could eventually go for some color. :) Otherwise, good job.

I love the site!
Posted by NightGale on 26 July, 2011
The layout of the site and the overall system that the site is running on is stunning! Everything is easy to access, neat and clean and arranged properly. This site, has to be the Most Well Formatted forums I have ever seen. Beautiful, heart warming (for me at least) and awesome. What more should I say? I'm in love with the site!

This site is virtual eye candy!
Posted by Cracked on 26 July, 2011
This site is virtual eye candy Cobus! Not only is the Layout of the Site well, and it's toned down as to not tick me off while I'm looking for something. The buttons are stunning too! I am especially fond of the fact that when you "Roll-over" a button it tells you what it is / does. Very well put together. I can assume that if this site is kept like this, it will grow exponentially in no time! :)

It's awesome!
Posted by Croixiane on 26 July, 2011
I agree with all of them Cobus. I love the simple and clean look from this site.... And it was easy to browse on too, so it's not confusing me and. It's awesome :D